At SF Kitchen Renovations, one of the most common things that we’re asked is how long do kitchen renovations take. The truth is that there’s no definitive timeframe, because each project will involve its own unique specifications. What we can say is that our team prioritise rapid turnaround as highly as world-class results.

To Give You An Idea 

If we had to put a rough estimate on how long a renovation project involving your kitchen might take, we’d say between one and two months.

This can allow enough time for all installations to be handled efficiently, whilst helping to ensure that finishes are flawless and fittings are as elegant as they are effective.

In our experience, we’ve found that it can be possible to breakdown the activities involved in a renovation project into the following categories:

  1. Designer time: whereby an expert will offer advice and help to conceptualise the finish
  2. Labour: including carpentry, electrician services and those of plumbers, plastering, floor laying and other ‘groundwork’ tasks
  3. Further modifications and installation: i.e. when a cabinet maker might be required, or if an electrician needs to be called back to connect an appliance or power outlet
  4. Surface finishes: including stains, tile installation and so on
  5. Lastly a final paintjob, touch up and cleaning process will be required to complete your kitchen

Other features worth considering

If your kitchen is in need of a more elaborate reno project, such as when removing old components, demolishing a wall to make more space, adding framing for support, or anything in between – this can add to the timeframe.

We’ve helped home owners from all walks of life to enjoy rapid results within set deadlines and although we strive to adhere to these stricter schedules, the reality is that a great result is often worth the wait.

What Advice Would We Offer?

One of the most beneficial suggestions that we could make would be to avoid rushing in head first. Your kitchen isn’t just a room in your home; it’s an asset that could make your life so much easier. We just so happen to specialise in state of the art techniques and can offer a wide range of installation options to introduce you to an effective set up that you’ll enjoy for years to come

Our consultants and design specialists are on hand to visit your home, evaluate the space available and offer advice and suggestions; before presenting you with a free, no obligation quote (as well as an estimate of the amount of time that your project might take).

A Closer Look at Schedules

If you’re keen to get your project underway, we have a little extra information that could help you to get to grips with the amount of time that your requirements could take.

Small projects

If you’d simply like a new counter fitted, a fresh coat of paint, or something that could be deemed fairly straightforward in nature, this could be completed in as little as a week, or sometimes even a couple of days.

Medium projects

For tasks that require more moderate requirements (such as those that need to be prepared for, materials sourced and specialists brought in), you’re likely looking at about a month for completion.

Large projects

If you require demolition, fabrication and other more elaborate services, we would estimate at least 4 to 8 weeks to complete all tasks involved.

Generally speaking, the more elaborate your ambitions are, the longer the project could take.

For free, no obligation advice, why not get in touch with our friendly team today? We’ll be able to tell you more about what you can expect time-wise, as well as give you an idea of costs and other factors to think about.