Our team right here at SF Kitchen Renovations enjoy nothing more than helping our clients to achieve the ideal kitchen for their needs, and within their budget. Did you know that 5 years ago, Australian home owners spent over $7 billion on renovation projects? And this number just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

A renovation project isn’t just something to do when you’re bored – it’s a fantastic way to add to the value of your property, make better use of available space and enjoy your home even more.

But who should do a kitchen reno project exactly, what type of permission is needed and should you try it alone?

Who Does Kitchen Renovations?

Generally speaking, any renovation company can help you with your kitchen, but there’s a huge difference between a service that gets the job done and one that goes the extra mile.

For instance, our specialists are all highly trained in the art of kitchen improvement and by only using state of the art resources, we are able to combine our expertise with the most reliable materials imaginable.

We’ve helped with small projects, large tasks and everything in between and that could be why we’re recognised as one of the leading kitchen modification services in the region.

Do You Need to Get Permission? 

Another great reason to hire a team of dedicated experts is that they’ll know what you might need permission for and what you can do without it.

We’ve heard of countless stories whereby people have fallen victim to dodgy dealings and unsavoury endeavours – and that’s why we maintain all of our relevant licenses, adhere to strict construction protocol and are fully insured.

If you’re ever in doubt about what you can and can’t do; ask. There’s no harm in a simple question and once you know where you stand, you’ll be in a much better position to move forward.

Which Types of Specialists Are Needed for a Reno Project?

As far as your kitchen goals are concerned, we won’t spare any expense or cut any corners. For projects involving installations, modifications and more, we’d propose the following experts:

  • Carpenters to look after any kitchen cabinet creation needs, as well as counter tops and work surfaces
  • Builders and contractors to get the installation done right
  • An electrician and a plumber to ensure that everything is connected as needed
  • A professional painter and décor specialist
  • Window installation experts should you decide to upgrade your frames or panels
  • A specialist to assist with ventilation and reduce damp, dirt build up and toxins from cooking and cleaning
  • A team of trustworthy, reputable individuals with a passion for creating iconic kitchens

There might be times when you can call in just one of the above specialists to help with a particular task, but these are often instances whereby a renovation isn’t on the agenda.

When a complete kitchen revamp is needed, you’ll likely require a team – as the only other option would be to go it alone and attempt to tackle each task one at a time.

As money-saving as this can be, the truth is that the tasks can be stretched out over many months; often leaving a kitchen almost unusable in the process.

Should You Opt for a DIY Solution?

If you’re really keen to take care of your renovation by yourself, it may be wise to be aware of the difficulties and demands that you might face. In our opinion it’s always a better idea to hire a dedicated kitchen company, as they’ll likely manage their own trusted tradesmen and women, handle the details and offer insurance just in case anything goes wrong.