Kitchen Renovations

Are you thinking about undertaking a kitchen renovation? If so, it’s important to consider everything from the benefits of the renovation, to the design & build process, to the total cost of completing a kitchen renovation.

We have compiled this guide will provide all the information you need to ensure that you know exactly what to expect from your kitchen renovation, and ensure the process goes smoothly.

Kitchen Renovation Design

The Benefits of a Kitchen Renovation

The first point to consider is the advantages that you will gain from your kitchen renovation. If a home sale is likely to be in your future, a kitchen renovation could be a fantastic idea. Reports suggest that the right renovation could add as much as 25% onto the asking value of your property. Similarly, you will likely gain higher offers in larger quantities. Why is this?

Buyers are keen to find their dream home and the kitchen is a significant part of this. They want a room where they can cook dinner, share a meal together and enjoy a high standard of living. Of course, a kitchen renovation can also benefit your family as you continue to live in the property. If your kitchen has felt dated lately, a renovation will improve the aesthetic and guarantee that it looks fantastic. You can also add new technology to your kitchen area guaranteed to improve your living space.

When you explore a kitchen renovation, it’s worth seeking out the latest trends. You can ensure that these are part of your design. That will guarantee that your home feels like a modern dream and offers a living space that you are guaranteed to adore for years to come.

The Kitchen Renovation Process

The first step in the process is designing the kitchen. Don’t rush this stage because you will end up making decisions you aren’t entirely happy with. Speak to your designer, and spend a little extra time on the design process now so that you aren’t disappointed later.

Now, it’s time to start removing the old cabinets. As soon as you have placed your order for the new cabinets, the supplier will be able to give you a date for when they will be delivered, and you can ensure previous cabinets are fully disposed of.

If there is any building work that needs to be completed, this is the next step. For example, you could be removing and even creating new walls. This must be completed before your new cabinets are installed, so speak with your team to fit this into the schedule. Once your cabinets have been delivered, you can install them and your kitchen will start to come to fruition.

After this has been completed, your benchtop can be installed, the electricals and plumbing will be set up, and your splashback can be fitted. The splashback can only be installed after the benchtops,, so ensure that this is completed first.

Finally, you can lay the flooring and paint the room, being careful to cover new materials. Congratulations, your kitchen is finished and guaranteed to look fantastic!

How Much Does A Kitchen Renovation Cost?

Typically, the cost of your kitchen renovation will depend on the extent of the changes that you are keen to make. It is, however, important to note that the kitchen will always be the most expensive room to renovate. One survey suggests that the total cost of a medium or larger kitchen will be around $20,000. The minimum cost of a kitchen renovation is likely to be around $5,000 with a low level of changes and the highest cost will reach $45,000. This budget will allow you to access a full, customised kitchen.

With a smaller kitchen renovation, you can expect to spend anywhere up to $15,000. This is going to cover changes such as a resurfacing of existing cabinetry or perhaps a fresh tile splashback. While seemingly small changes, the costs can certainly add up. Again, this does depend on the changes you choose to make along with your preferred choice of materials.

If you need help selecting the materials for your kitchen, consider choosing an expert trades company to help you complete the job. Alternatively, you can explore design blogs.

A standard kitchen renovation will typically cost up to $40,000. This cost will cover mid-range flooring options such as large format tiles and appliances from some of the larger brands. You should also find that your budget stretches to provide for a kitchen builder. A premium kitchen will cost significantly more than this. It will be ideal if the budget is not an issue and will allow you to be more creative with a unique kitchen design.

How To Choose a Good Kitchen Company

Finally, your kitchen renovation is going to be a big investment, so it’s important that you spend time choosing a good kitchen company. The first thing that you’ll need to do is look to see if they offer you a warranty. Most good kitchen companies will offer you 10+ years for this as they are confident in their product. If the company you are currently consulting does not offer a warranty, then they are likely not the company for you.

You are going to want a company that can meet your needs, so it is important that you make it clear from the beginning what these are. A good kitchen company will have fully qualified kitchen designers who will be able to design a kitchen that caters specifically to what you have asked for. It is also a sensible option to discuss time frames with the company in the beginning so they will be able to tell you if they can meet your deadline.

A reputable kitchen company will have a line of satisfied clients behind them, which means they will be able to show you testimonials from past jobs they have completed. This will give you a strong concept of the service that they can offer, and the standard of jobs that they can complete. If it’s not possible for them to show you this kind of proof, this should be an immediate red flag.